How To Obtain A Cash Gifting Invite

cash gifting

Cash Gifting is a private activity put together by a group of successful people, with a desire to help others become financially free.”~ Thamani Draft, what is cash gifting?

You visited my site Wealthy and Home and like what cash gifting has to offer you. You make the decision to offer a gift freely to me. You may choose from many levels. We offer levels as low as $150 and go as high as $10,000. After choosing an amount the gift is sent.

After the cash gift has been confirmed I extend an invitation to join the club. You are walked through the process of gaining access to the back office, where changes can be made to your

Once your account has been confirmed, you receive a website and auto responder.

The only suggestion which I make is to buy a domain name. This builds credibility. The name appears more professional than Domain names run about $10 per year.

You’re all set! You can now receive cash gifts. You should write a detailed “Meet Your Inviter” page in order for people to get to know you better. This is “My Story” marketing. People will connect with those who they share something in common with.

The back office provides allows you to manage your autoresponder. You will also find valuable training and marketing suggestions here. You are also able to view your prospects list and their contact information. If you choose to upload custom videos, send a newsletter, check your site’s daily and historical page views, or manage your callback requests it’s handled in the control manager.


Thamani Draft is an internet marketer, who can help you prosper with cash gifting. For more information, go here.


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