Finding a Cash Gifting Mentor

money pants

I have discovered that finding a mentor is the most important thing you can do when deciding to make money online.~ Thamani Draft

What is a Mentor?

Your mentor will teach you how to market and the basics of how to get started. Your mentor will talk to your prospects for you. They are also there to answer questions you may have regarding gifting. Your mentor is someone who wants to see you succeed and gives you his/her real name and phone number where they can be reached.

Finding the Perfect Mentor

There is no “perfect” mentor. However, there are really strong people out there who can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Because cash gifting is a private activity, it’s important that you research the person you plan to have as your mentor. Do they have an online presence? Are the active on social media circuits?

I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing your mentor as much as possible. This could make the difference between success and failure.

To Your Success!

Thamani Draft


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