Five Free Ways to Promote Cash Gifting

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Cash gifting is an activity that requires an open mind, consistency, and the desire to be successful. There are a variety of marketing strategies that can really change your finances. Here are 5 free ways to promote cash gifting.


Promote your cash gifting program on Facebook. Open a Facebook account if you haven’t already. Post valuable content on your page. However, be yourself. Share your likes and dislikes…your hobbies and only post positive messages. Everything you post should not be about your program. Visit your friend’s pages and write comments on their post. Visit other groups and post content. Post on a daily basis.


Blog daily or every other day if possible. If you haven’t created an online presence, this is the key to creating one. By getting your name “out there”, you are showing those who may be looking for financial freedom that you are a good person to follow. Be an “open book” as far as your beliefs and values are concerned. If you have not had success yet, don’t talk about your failures or struggles. Instead, write about the success stories of others.

Post Ads

Post ads to free sites daily. It may take 2 or 3 months before you see results. However, while it may take a little longer for you to see success, this really does work.

Join Groups

Search google for groups that focus on people who have home businesses. Apply for a free account and read post from various group members. Comment on their posts and make sure you have your website information listed as part of your signature. People will start to visit your site and the magic will begin.

Traditional Methods

Traditional marketing methods include posting and distributing flyers and using drop cards….the results for this method are similar to the ad method. Be prepared to do this on a consistent basis for at least a couple of months before you see results.


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